Friday Update for 7/13/18

Happy Friday! We’re celebrating what looks like another sunny weekend ahead of us and wanted to share some information on happenings in the Legislature, community and more.

As a note, if there are ever topics that you would like to see featured in this weekly update or questions you’d like to have answered, please let us know! We want to make these posts as applicable and helpful to you and to our neighborhood as possible.


Changes to Criminal Laws

Many of you have reached out to our office asking for an update on changes made to our criminal statutes made after the passage of SB 91. We’ve included a list of the most significant changes to our laws HERE for you.

We are proud to have been able to work so hard to see these changes pass, however there is still much work to do. While we are still fighting to see a full repeal of SB 91, we are also working on targeted fixes to some of the more dangerous loopholes created in the justice overhaul.

As a reminder, there are many groups attempting to help address the crime wave, including our neighborhood Community Patrol. To find out more or join us in patrolling our streets and looking out for neighbors, visit:

Fishing License – On Your Phone!

This week, a bill was signed into law that will allow for your Fish and Game licenses, tags and permits to be kept on your electronic device. In addition to being a convenient way to remember your license while on a trip, this also helps protect against water damage and wear-and-tear that we know is so prevalent when you’re out on an adventure.

If you ever have questions about hunting and fishing regulations, you can visit:

Jeff Dusenbury Park Naming

If you’ve ever visited Spruce Park, you know that it can be a great meeting place for friends, neighbors, and those interested in starting their walk or bike ride. It also is a very special and meaningful location for the Dusenbury family, who along with friends, have begun the process of trying to change the park’s name to honor Jeff Dusenbury. Jeff was tragically lost four years ago but has continued to leave a profound legacy in our community.

On July 19th at 5:30PM, there will be a public hearing in what is now Spruce Park to listen to the community’s thoughts on whether to change the name of the park in Jeff’s honor. We’d love to see you there.

Interested in Gardening?

Are you a gardener who is interested in participating in a community garden project? Let our office know if you would like to either utilize a community garden plot or help set one up for all neighbors to enjoy!

You can shoot us an email at or give us a shout at 907-269-0222


Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this update! Please stay in touch, and have a wonderful weekend.


All my best,

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