Happy Friday from Rep. Millett!

Happy Friday!

We hope you had a magnificent Fourth of July holiday and are gearing up for another sunny Alaskan weekend!

We want to start this update by expressing our most sincere thanks to all of those men and women who have served our great country. It is because of your sacrifice and hard work that we are able to celebrate our freedom and live in this amazing nation. We are grateful this week, and everyday, for all that you do.

Thank you and God Bless America.


Update from the Dept. of Transportation

Today we had the opportunity to meet with the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation and tour the recent airport project. We discussed not only our community’s concerns about noise and air traffic, but also concerns about road safety and projects in our district.

Airport Project:
District 25 residents don’t need to be reminded that the construction on the runways at Ted Stevens International Airport have redirected certain air traffic and have caused airplane noise in areas that usually do not have any. We toured this project today and were informed that the bulk of the noise will be remediated by July 11th, and until then that pilots had been instructed of noise protocols to help minimize the impacts on residents. This project is a critical safety measure, and we are grateful that the airport has prioritized balancing limiting summer construction and providing for passenger safety.

Elmore Road Traffic:
As you drive down Elmore Road between Abbott and Lore, it is more than apparent that a lack of stop lights and pedestrian overpasses creates difficulty for surrounding parks and neighborhoods to be entered or exited. We talked to the Commissioner, and have been working with DOT previously, regarding solutions for this problem. DOT has conducted a traffic study in the area and determined that pedestrian/traffic assistance could be placed near the Elmore/Coventry intersection, right across from the Abbott Loop Community Park entrance. We will continue to work with DOT on the logistics and timing of this project and keep you up to date.

Seward Highway Project:
The long-standing Seward Highway construction project has been continuing this summer, and we’ve been working with DOT throughout to express the concerns and issues that have arisen for business-owners and residents. We were updated that accommodations are being made to facilitate better, faster traffic flow during fishing season, and that Braydon business owners are being actively engaged as the project continues. We will continue to work with DOT to ensure that those using right of ways and easements are involved in the design phase and residents are being considered throughout.

We will be following up with all of these issues and more throughout the summer, and hope that if you have any concerns with state roads or projects that you bring them to our attention. We are here to help!


Burn Ban in Anchorage

It is hot outside! That is not really news to anyone in Anchorage right now, and honestly we have been enjoying spending more time outside. As you and your loved ones continue to bask in this amazing weather, please be aware that fire danger is incredibly high right now. Anchorage has a burn ban in effect that reads:

Barbecue grills (electric, gas & charcoal) are allowed today.
Enclosed pellet grills (Traeger, etc.) are also allowed.
Portable outdoor fireplaces may NOT be used today. Burn permits are no longer available for burning spruce bark beetle slash. Yard debris including leaves, grass and tree limbs cannot be burned and must be disposed of through curbside trash removal or the Solid Waste Service’s transfer site or the landfill. Please use the wood lots, when available, for disposing of woody debris.

If you want to learn more, or check daily as to whether there is a burn ban in effect, you can this website.


Fun in the Sun!

Are you and your family looking for some activities in the coming days?

Girdwood Forest Fair:
Just a scenic drive outside of Anchorage is Girdwood’s Forest Fair. This summertime fest has been bringing tasty treats, live music and handcrafted items from Alaska artists and entertainers from all over the state since 1975. You don’t want to miss the Forest Fair parade (10 a.m. Saturday). 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday.

Baseball Games:
The Alaska Baseball League is in full swing and have games throughout the weekend! Head to Mulcahy Stadium at 7PM on Friday and Saturday to check out Anchorage’s teams play competing teams from around the state!

Garden Party:
Grab some friends and head to the Alaska Botanical Garden for live music, local food and libations! In celebration of the great craft breweries working all over town, 10+ local breweries are bringing their great beers to the scenic garden for a night that promises to be a good time. 6:30-9:30 p.m. Thursday, July 12, Alaska Botanical Garden, 4601 Campbell Airstrip.

Interested in Gardening?

Are you a gardener who is interested in participating in a community garden project? Let our office know if you would like to either utilize a community garden plot or help set one up for all neighbors to enjoy!

You can shoot us an email at rep.charisse.millett@akleg.gov
or give us a shout at 907-269-0222


Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

All my best,


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