Your Friday Update for 6/29/18

Happy Friday!

We’re gearing up for a sunny (keeping our fingers crossed) 4th of July and we wanted to be sure that you had some information before jumping into your weekend!

Abbott Loop Community Picnic

We had an amazing time yesterday at the Abbott Loop Community Picnic! There was a great turnout, wonderful food, and lots of time to catch up with friends and neighbors. Thank you so much to the Abbott Loop Community Council, all of the hard-working volunteers, and everyone who brought yummy potluck items! It is really a blessing to have events like this that bring our community together and to be reminded of how much neighbors care for one another.

At the picnic, we also discussed the great work of our Community Patrol, and we wanted to share the link again to provide more information on how to join:




Elmore Traffic Issues

We’ve been hearing from many District 25 neighbors – and experiencing ourselves – fairly significant traffic problems on Elmore Road, between Abbott Road and Lore Road. There have been accidents and many “near misses”, and now with summer upon us, there are more comings and goings from the Abbott Loop Community Park. It is our belief that a stoplight would be a reasonable way to help control the traffic flow as well as provide for increased pedestrian safety.

On Friday of next week, we will be sitting down with the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation to advocate for a fix for this issue, and to encourage more community involvement. We will keep you posted as this process continues!

NOTE: We will also be discussing the recent airport project that has caused lots of noise in South Anchorage. Stay tuned for an update on that issue as well!


Q & A with Anchorage Police

A recent article in the Anchorage Daily News has a good breakdown of the rash of car thefts, and the effects of SB 91 on our public safety. No matter your take on the crime wave in Anchorage, this has some helpful information on the way SB 91 has reduced crime deterrents. Check it out here:

We can and should be doing more. SB 91 has reduced our police’s ability to hold offenders accountable and prevent crime and needs to be repealed.

Seward Highway Project Update

As you make your plans for the holiday and weekend, here is an update from the Department of Transportation on the ongoing Seward Highway project:

ROAD CLOSURE: Sandlewood Place is CLOSED at 82nd Avenue. Business access will be maintained during the CLOSURE, plan to use Hartzell Road and Lore Road as a DETOUR route.

Also, Lore Road is CLOSED from Sandlewood Place to Brayton Drive, and Brayton Drive is CLOSED from Lore Road to 72nd Avenue.

RAMP CLOSURE: The northbound Seward Highway On-Ramp from Lore Road is CLOSED. During this time, residents between Dowling Road and Abbott Road should plan to use the newly opened northbound Seward Highway On-Ramp from Abbott Road as a DETOUR route.

The southbound Dowling Road On-Ramp to the Seward Highway is CLOSED. During this time, please plan to follow signs for DETOUR routes to the Tudor Road On-Ramp, the Old Seward Highway or Lake Otis Parkway. Business access will be maintained during the CLOSURE, plan to use the Old Seward Highway as a DETOUR route.

Speed limits have been reduced within the project corridor to 55 MPH and traffic patterns will be modified as necessary to accommodate work. Please follow construction signs and be aware of future notifications.

Median and shoulder work are being done along the New Seward Highway near the Dowling Exit in order to accommodate 6 lanes of through traffic in the final configuration.

Work is being done in sections along the frontage roads, going from the south end to the north end along Brayton Drive and the north end to the south end on Homer Drive from Dimond Boulevard to Dowling Road; sections of the roads will be CLOSED as work progresses.


We hope that you have a fun, safe 4th of July holiday! On this holiday, as everyday, we will most certainly be remembering and sharing our gratitude for those who have served our country and sacrificed for our freedom. Freedom is not free, and we thank you for your service.


All  the best,

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