Special Session Update for November 14, 2017

Good afternoon!


We hope you had a wonderful weekend, and are staying warm while enjoying this beautiful weather! We wanted to send out a quick update on the ongoing special session, and let you know what our office is up to moving forward.


Last week, the House and Senate agreed on changes to Senate Bill 54, the criminal justice bill before the Legislature, and passed the bill on to the Governor. We learned this week that Governor Walker intends to sign the bill into law. To learn more about what provisions the bill contains, and what changes were made during the special session, click here.


After agreeing to the House’s changes to Senate Bill 54, the Senate moved to adjourn from the special session. However, it takes both the House and Senate jointly adjourning to actually end the special session, and the House Majority decided that they wanted to keep the session going. The House is not holding any meetings or conducting any legislative business, but by not concluding the special session, the House also requires that in addition to two of their members, two members of the Senate remain in Juneau until they allow the session to conclude. The statutory end date for the special session is a week from today.


Our office, however, is back in the district to continue to work on community issues and ideas for the coming legislative session in January. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you around Abbott Loop, and hope that you’ll keep sending your ideas and questions our way!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our update.


Have a great week,

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