Update for September 8, 2017

Good afternoon and Happy Friday! We’ve been enjoying the beginning of fall this week and taking some time to enjoy the new colors popping out on our trees around town. Our thoughts and prayers have also been with our fellow Americans in the Lower 48 who are experiencing horrifying natural disasters, and persevering despite truly unimaginable obstacles.


Assistance To Those In Need

In Alaska, we are intimately aware that the world we live in is incredibly fragile, and that our communities can be turned upside down overnight by natural disasters. If you are interested in helping those whose lives have been impacted by recent hurricanes, fires and life’s unexpected hurdles, you can donate to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army who both offer assistance in disaster situations:




PTA’s Back in Action

Now that the school year is in full swing, the Elementary, Middle and High Schools in our community have ramped up their Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s). Our office has been thrilled to attend these meetings at our schools. Likewise, we are continually amazed by the dedication and passion of the parents and staff who are our PTA champions. PTA’s are a vital form of support for our schools – providing assistance for staff, enriching educational experiences for students, and helping those in need. To learn more about your PTA, you can visit these links:

Abbott Loop Elementary

Hanshew Middle

Kasuun Elementary

Rilke Schule

Service High

Trailside Elementary

These organizations do so much for our schools. Consider joining this year!


Thank You for Your Service

Yesterday, two inspirational and dedicated service-members were honored by the Anchorage Police Department. Officer Christopher Zenyuch and Alaska Air National Guard Airman Arvin Ting showed amazing bravery and service to our community during a February 8th stabbing. They both deserve our immense gratitude. Below is a description from APD:

Everyday our officers put their lives on the line to keep Anchorage safe. In the early hours of February 8th 2017, that bravery and dedication helped save someone’s life and catch a criminal at the Carrs grocery store in Muldoon. As an armed suspect was attempting to flee the scene after stabbing a female, Airman Arvin Ting with the Alaska Air National Guard, intervened and prevented him from running towards the victim and escaping.

As the suspect turned around, there was Officer Christopher Zenyuch ready to arrest him. He then tried to escape again and Officer Zenyuch caught him. The suspect put up a fight but he was no match for Officer Zenyuch. Despite being violently attacked with a dagger by the suspect, Officer Zenyuch, along with his team of officers, arrested the man. When it was all over, Officer Zenyuch suddenly realized the suspect had sliced his hand, forehead and stabbed him during the take down. After his injuries healed, Officer Zenyuch returned to duty.

Officer Zenyuch was honored today by his teammates with the Police Shield Award. He joined the APD family last summer. Airman Ting was also honored today with the Citizen’s Award for Valor.


We are incredibly proud both of our dedicated police officers and citizen heroes. Thank you for your bravery.

9/11 Remembrance Day

This coming Monday will mark the 16th anniversary of the fateful September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. That day changed the entire course of our nation, and the lives of millions of Americans forever. To those who lost loved ones that day, rest assured their lives and stories will never be forgotten. We deeply thank the men and women throughout the country who rose up after those horrific attacks to defend our freedoms abroad, and to rebuild here at home.

To remember and honor the fallen, Congress designated 9/11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. Since 2002, the nonprofit organization 9/11 Day has been organizing and engaging in tremendous charitable service on 9/11 annually, as a way to remember and honor the victims and survivors of the attacks.

Connecting with 9/11 day organizers and volunteers is easy. Simply check out the Corporation for National and Community Service’s website located here: https://www.serve.gov/site-page/september-11th-national-day-service-and-remembrance


Seward Highway Update

Another update from the AK DOT is in regarding the ongoing project along the Seward Highway. Check it out below.

NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN: Southbound Seward Highway traffic has shifted from the Seward Highway to Homer Drive, which now acts the southbound Seward Highway. Northbound Seward Highway traffic has shifted from the Seward Highway to Brayton Drive, which now acts as the northbound Seward Highway. Be alert to a reduced speed limit of 45 MPH throughout the construction zone.

Please note that no side road access will be permitted to and from the Homer Drive and Brayton Drive frontage roads during construction.

Work will be in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through mid-October, in order to expedite the construction process.


We hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend! Please stay in touch with any questions or comments.


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