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Interior Bill will prioritize clean-up of long polluted wells

Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Juneau, Alaska –House Majority Leader Charisse Millett applauded the leadership of U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski in introducing the Fiscal Year  2017 Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, which addresses a wide range of challenges, needs, and opportunities in Alaska. This bill places importance on cleaning up dozens of exploration wells and core tests that were drilled decades ago that remain abandoned in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, among many other important issues to Alaskans. Along with Murkowski, Millett has worked throughout her time in office to force the federal government to take responsibility for the clean-up of these wells, including sponsoring resolutions passed in 2012 and 2013, as well as testifying before the U.S. Congress.

“It’s outrageous, first off, that the wells have been pushed from the government’s conscious for this long,” Millett, R-Anchorage, said. “We’ve asked, legislatively, through unanimous resolutions, for the Bureau of Land Management to do its job and clean up and shut in these wells properly. I am proud that Alaska’s Senator, Lisa Murkowski, has continued to show leadership on this issue and is asking the federal government to commit resources to fixing this problem.”

Murkowski’s bill doubles the requested funding for legacy well cleanup in Fiscal Year 2017, and further directs the Bureau of Land Management to craft a long-term funding plan to complete the clean-up of the wells. This bill’s commitment of funds for future planning and important repairs to the lingering problem of the unplugged and environmentally harmful wells makes enormous strides towards getting the federal government to adhere to the state’s environmental standards and appropriate the money and workers to solve this massive ecological problem.

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Update for Friday, June 3rd

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Happy Friday everyone,

Today in Juneau the Alaska House held a floor session and the House Labor & Commerce and Finance Committees held meetings on bills listed on the special session agenda. We will continue to provide regular updates for you as the special session progresses.

Special Session

Since our last update, the House and Senate have both held multiple meetings on bills requested by the Governor, and have held floor sessions. The Legislature passed another one of the bills on the special session call today, House Bill 374. This bill would protect Alaskans from extreme insurance policy rate hikes, which would occur as a result of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). By making changes to our reinsurance code, insurers will better be able to spread their risk and keep prices low for Alaskans – especially those deemed “high risk”.

The House Finance Committee met both Thursday and Friday to discuss tax proposals introduced by the Governor, and a change to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority’s infrastructure funding. The Finance Committee moved three of the Governor’s tax bills from committee, including tax hikes on fishing, mining, and motor fuels, not because the members support the measures necessarily, but to allow the full House to be able to vote them up or down. The Governor’s income tax proposal is still being evaluated by the committee.

The House Labor and Commerce Committee continued its work on House Bill 4002, which would provide the families of public safety killed in the line of duty with health coverage. This was a bill that our office sponsored, and we have been closely tracking this most recent iteration. Tomorrow, Saturday June 4th, the House Labor and Commerce Committee will be taking public testimony on this bill at 11:00 a.m. Stop by the nearest LIO or call in to (907) 465-4648 to share your thoughts. We will continue to keep you posted as this bill moves through the process.

Tomorrow the House will also meet again in session at 1:00 p.m. You can always follow floor session online at akl.tv

Anchorage School Board

Students are enjoying their summer break but the Anchorage School Board remains on duty all year long. Here are two items on the agenda for the Monday night meeting.

  • A resolution in support of locating municipal ballot drop boxes on certain school district sites. Starting in 2017, Anchorage voters will mail their ballots to city hall, or leave ballots at designated drop boxes for all local elections.
  • Accepting a grant award for suicide awareness, prevention, and postvention grant (A postvention is an intervention conducted after a suicide to support family and friends left behind)

Monday’s meeting gets underway at 6:30 p.m. at ASD Headquarters, 5530 East Northern Lights Blvd.

Fish on!

The fish are biting in rivers, lakes and streams all across Southcentral Alaska so now is the time to get out and start catching fish. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has a really informative website http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=fishingSport.main with detailed information about regulations and fish counts so you can see where your odds are best to catch the big one.

We will be back Monday with another update on the special session. Get out and enjoy the summer and have a great weekend.


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Update for Wednesday, June 1st

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Good afternoon everyone,

This is a quick update on goings-on down here in Juneau during special session and in Anchorage as well. The House and Senate came to a landmark compromise yesterday and approved the FY 17 operating budget and capital budget, in addition to passing two other important policies. While lawmakers still have several pieces of legislation remaining on the special session agenda, we are hopeful that the people’s business can be completed soon.

Operating Budget

This year’s budget has been one of the most challenging pieces of policy most legislators have faced in their careers. With the sudden and steep drop in oil prices, Alaska’s primary source of revenue was pulled right out from under us. This has resulted in the need to look at serious and lasting reductions to the size of government, and the level of services that the state can afford. It’s fair to say that no two legislators have the same exact idea of how the budget should look, and during this fiscally straining time, no two had the exact same idea of what to cut, save, or streamline. This resulted in hard-fought budget negotiations over the course of the session and special session.

The budget the Legislature passed yesterday truly embodies the principle of compromise. No one got everything they wanted – some wanted substantially more money added back in, and many still feel that there are ways to reduce government’s footprint and find efficiencies in the way we provide state services.  However, our Constitution requires that we strike a balance and bring together this diverse group of legislators from every corner of the state to pass a budget.

 Here are a few highlights from this year’s compromise budget:

Total state spending is reduced over $1.5 Billion or 7.1%

  • Public education is fully funded
  • The Capital Budget leverages federal funds to keep Alaskans at work maintaining our infrastructure
  • Reductions are made to state services that were duplicated by the private sector, unfilled positions, unsuccessful programs, and other areas
  • Avoids the need to send out pink slips to state employees or shutdown government

 The Governor has said that he will wait to sign this compromise budget until he feels the Legislature has vetted his tax and credit proposals and Permanent Fund plan.

 Other Legislation Passed

 Yesterday two other pieces of important legislation passed the Legislature that will positively improve the ways we protect and provide for our state’s children.

 House Bill 200, which deals with the Indian Child Welfare Act, would benefit children in State Custody by assuring that adoption proceedings for children in need of aid are conducted in the manner most beneficial to the child and their family. This would include a provision that would allow for a single court and a single judge to preside over the proceeding in its entirety, and for a proxy to be used in a formal petition to adopt. This measure was previously passed by the House, and after being passed by the Senate yesterday, will now go on to be signed by the Governor.

 House Bill 27 also passed both bodies yesterday, and provides protections and additional rights for youth in foster care. The goals of this bill are to reduce the amount of time children wait for permanent housing, to ensure that foster children are prepared to leave the foster program, to allow children to remain in a stable school, to recruit and retain more foster parents, and to ensure that placements with relatives are sought when a child is moved to a new OCS placement. The passage of this bill will do great things for our foster youth and communities, and it now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

 Next Steps

Now that the Legislature has passed a compromise budget, we will continue to meet on the other items on the Governor’s special session agenda. Today in Juneau, the House Labor and Commerce Committee met and discussed House Bill 4002, which would provide major medical coverage for the surviving spouses and children of peace officers and firefighters. The House Finance Committee met and discussed some of the Governor’s tax proposals, including mining taxes, motor fuel taxes and fisheries taxes. The House Resources Committee also met and passed House Bill 246 out of committee, which would create an oil and gas infrastructure development program and the oil and gas infrastructure development fund in the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA).

Tomorrow, we will have more meetings in the House and Senate, and throughout this special session, our office will keep you posted on the Legislature’s activities. Thank you so much for your engagement and every call, email, and visit to our office. We are continually grateful to have such an involved community.

 Look for our next update later this week!

 Now, here are a few events in our community:

 Anchorage Assembly

 The Anchorage Assembly meets this Tuesday with a lengthy agenda of items to consider. Here are two proposed ordinances the board will take up that evening starting at 5:00 p.m.

  •  An ordinance prohibiting smoking and “vaping” in Town Square Park including adjacent Alaska Center for the Performing Arts property right-of-ways and walkways
  •  An ordinance permitting the Anchorage Assembly, by resolution, to order a recount of votes from any particular precinct, or for any particular office proposition or question; and to permit, but not require, the Anchorage Municipal Clerk to conduct a recount when, in the judgment of the Municipal Clerk, a recount may increase voter confidence in the election

Do 1 Thing graphic


 Are you and your family prepared in the event of a disaster? It is an important question that we all need to discuss with our loved ones. The Anchorage Office of Emergency Management is reminding everyone about the Do 1 Thing Program, a monthly roadmap to preparing your family for an emergency.

 For June, the Do 1 Thing Program recommends making a list of special things your family might need in the event of a disaster. Every household is different. Is there an infant or young child in your home? Does someone in your family have a medical condition that requires medication? Do you have a pet? Ask the questions, make a list and get prepared before disaster strikes.

 Check out the organization’s website for more details at http://do1thing.com


We are sending out posts more frequently between now and the end of the special session to keep you as informed as possible. Do not forget to check out our social media pages for late breaking news. Our Twitter page is @RepMillett and on Facebook at facebook.com/representativemillett


Thanks again for all your support!


Best regards,

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Update for May 27th

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Dear neighbors,

I hope that you’re enjoying these beautiful early summer days! The Legislature is continuing its work down here in Juneau, having been called into special session by the Governor. There are many big issues on the table, including the budget and the Governor’s plan to restructure the Permanent Fund, and we plan to give all their due. Below is an update on the goings-on down here, and ways to participate.

End of Regular Session

After 120 days of working on the issues before us, the Legislature was incredibly close to a compromise on the budget, whose passage would have allowed us to adjourn and avoid a special session. Unfortunately, parties involved were unable to meet all of the last minute requests of the House and Senate minorities, and important cooperation was prevented. While this was a frustrating turn of events after long hours of negotiations, we all understand that a budget must be passed and are committed to continue to work hard and find common ground.

Special Session Topics

Eleven items are on the Governor’s special session agenda including the budget, an omnibus proposal for taxes on Alaskans and businesses, a Permanent Fund restructure, a reinsurance plan for self-insured Alaskans, insurance coverage for surviving families of public safety, oil and gas tax credits, and others.

The House and Senate passed a resolution on the second day of special session to better use the time before us to pass a budget and other bills on the governor’s proclamation. The resolution prioritizes the passage of a fully funded budget in a timely manner that will ensure state workers remain employed and essential state services continue uninterrupted and keeps us from having to wipe the slate clean and start all over, saving time and money during this special session.

While a wide range of bills are before us, the first priority has to be passing a budget, and ensuring that state employees don’t need to worry for their jobs and Alaskans maintain critical services. On the last night of session, compromise was within our sight line, and we’re all confident that momentum from last week will continue into special session.

As we move through special session, there will be numerous opportunities to testify on bills before the Legislature, as well as televised and streamed meetings if you’re interested in following along. More importantly, our office is always so grateful to get your calls and emails, and hopeful that you will reach out with any questions, concerns or ideas.

House Bill 4002

Our office was particularly encouraged by the Governor’s introduction of House Bill 4002, which mirrors our bill, House Bill 66 and provides for major medical coverage for the surviving spouses and children of public safety officers who are killed in the line of duty. Alaska’s peace officers and firefighters put their lives on the line for all of us every day, and do so without the comfort of knowing that if they make the ultimate sacrifice, their families will have health coverage. This policy would allow for families of slain peace officers and firefighters to enter early into the retiree health plan, and have secure coverage through the state.

When we ask our state employees to run into danger, the state should be prepared to honor them and protect their families when the worst happens. The families of Troopers Johnson, Rich and Toll, all troopers slain in the line of duty, have been unfailing advocates for this small protection, and we are truly looking forward to the possibility of its passage this year.

The pace is picking up here in Juneau. The committees are busy reviewing bills and drawing closer to agreements to bring the special session to a successful conclusion. We respectfully ask for your patience as we move towards adjournment and thank everyone who has contacted our office with thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We are listening and count on all of you to guide our decision making process.

Road Construction

Remember to be courteous and check your speed in road construction zones this summer. Two major road projects are underway now in the Abbott Loop area. Abbott Road from Lake Otis to Jupiter Street will be widened from two to three lanes and will make the road safer and keep traffic moving during the morning and evening rush hours.

Three years will be necessary to finish widening the New Seward Highway between Dowling and Dimond. Expect lane closures, detours and flaggers for the $50 million project as work has already begun to widen the highway from four to six lanes. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the third quarter of 2018.

Go Cougars!

The school year is over but Cougar sports remain in high gear. The ASAA Track and Field Championships started today and continue through Saturday at Dimond High’s outdoor track. The Cougar boys and girls soccer teams are competing in the state tournament at the Eagle River and Service High fields.

Last but certainly not least, we want to say farewell and happy retirement to Service High School Principal John Gaskins. John was a pleasure to work with the past few years on the new home field, PTA meetings and so much more. His dedication to the students is admirable and showed each and every day at Service. Let’s all wish John and his family well as he begins a well-earned retirement.

As always, we can be reached in Juneau, by our toll free line, 1-888-269-3879 or by email at rep.charisse.millett@akleg.gov No one could ask for better weather this holiday weekend so take the family out and enjoy it!



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Update for May 6th

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Gov. Walker signed HB 76 into law this week. Jill Burkert with the Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education and Rep. Millett's staffer Grace Abbott attended the signing ceremony.

Gov. Walker signed HB 76 into law this week. Jill Burkert with the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education and Rep. Millett’s staffer Grace Abbott attended the signing ceremony.

Dear neighbors,

We will remain in Juneau for a while longer to reach agreement on a package of legislation to reform our state’s criminal justice system and bring solutions to the state’s multibillion dollar budget deficit.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work with our colleagues in the house, senate and administration to find common ground on the issues and legislation remaining this session.

Continued Session Work

The Legislature is continuing its work down here in Juneau, and have now transitioned into temporary offices as the Capitol’s seismic upgrades proceed. There is still much work to do, and issues being considered include the Governor’s tax proposals, the operating and capital budget, plans to restructure the Permanent Fund, criminal justice reform, and oil and gas tax credit reform. This has been a truly unprecedented year, and as a result a lot of careful consideration is needed of the pieces of policy before the Legislature. Every legislator is here to represent their constituents, and bring with them perspectives as diverse as this state. It is so valuable to all of us when our constituents share their ideas and concerns on issues faced by our communities, and we truly are here to listen. Please continue calling and emailing with your thoughts!

House Bill 76

This week our office was proud to see Governor Walker sign HB 76 into law. This bill gives clarity to the mission of the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education, and removes unnecessary statutory confusion. The Governor’s Council does truly essential and amazing work both for and with Alaskans experiencing disabilities – helping facilitate employment, transportation and other critical services. Our office is proud to serve on the Council, and dedicated to continue to support their important work. Thank you to Governor Walker for joining us in understanding the importance of this legislation, and signing it into law.

Trails for Rilke

Here is a fun event to mark on your calendar. The Rilke Schule German Immersion School is holding an Outdoor Trail Kickoff Event for the entire community tomorrow, May 7th to celebrate its plans for outdoor spaces and new trails this summer. This should be a good time and all are welcome! Checkout this poster for details.

Service T&F Logo

Go Cougars!

The Cougar sprinters, jumpers and throwers have a lot happening on and off the track right now. This morning, the track and field teams participate in an outdoor meet against the Dimond Lynx

If you have children that will be attending Service in the future and are interested in becoming a Cougar track and field athlete, the school will hold its annual Cougar Track Camp for kindergarteners through incoming ninth graders, May 23, 24, and 25th. Details about the camp are posted on the team website at: www.servicetrackandfield.com

The boys and girls soccer teams host the Bartlett Golden Bears tonight at 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. The Green and Gold are having successful seasons so let’s make sure to give them the support they need to continue their winning ways.

Hanshew PTA Meeting

Hanshew Middle School PTA holds its final meeting of the school year this Monday, May 9th at 4:00 p.m. in the school library. The meeting will focus on planning for the 2016-2017 school year.

Road Construction Priorities

The Municipality of Anchorage is asking all community councils to prioritize two road projects for future funding in a municipal road and drainage bond. Our Abbott Loop Community Council is reviewing the dozen or so projects that are in various stages of development to determine which two are the most important.

Your input is needed before final selections are made at the May community council meeting. This Capital Improvement List contains the road projects in the Abbott Loop area. Please look it over and weigh in on this important decision.


Before we go, let’s all give a big Cougar congratulations to the Service High School Class of 2016. These young adults receive their diplomas next week and we wish them the very best in all their future endeavors.

We may still be in Juneau but we are never more than a phone call or email away. Call us toll free anytime at 1-888-269-3879.

Spring is here so get out and enjoy it!



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Update for April 22nd

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Rep. Millett and House Speaker Mike Chenault discussing the floor session during at at ease last week.

Rep. Millett and House Speaker Mike Chenault discussing the floor session during an “at ease” last week.

Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read about our efforts to represent you and your family. We are in extra innings here in Juneau, continuing to work hard to address the state’s $4 billion dollar budget gap in a manner that protects the state’s economy and your pocketbook to the greatest extent possible.

Continued Work

The Legislature is continuing its work down in Juneau in this year of unprecedented revenue shortfalls and budget deficits, there is still much to work on. As the session extends, the issues left on the table are criminal justice reform, tax credit reform, final budget details, and revenue options. The House has had meetings and floor sessions every day, and will continue to during the weekend, and until our work is done.

After the state’s 65% reduction in income, legislators and the Administration are working diligently to come up with solutions and innovations. These are solutions not easily found and often compromises not easily struck. Everyone is looking to protect Alaskans and keep our state whole, and the path of every legislator towards a sustainable state budget is going to differ slightly. Your comments, questions and ideas are still incredibly important, and we so value all the input we receive from Alaskans as we work through these incredibly difficult issues.

House Bill 379

As a measure to get state spending under control, this week the House Finance Committee is evaluating a bill brought by our office and Representative Craig Johnson to freeze state government raises until oil prices begin to rise. Businesses across the state have begun to downsize, with many laying off our friends, family and neighbors. State government, in spite of our change in fiscal circumstances, is scheduled to give its employees pay increases this year, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of spending. In this financial climate, during a period where many are unsure of their job security, the state of Alaska needs to prioritize private and public sector stability and economic health. While merit pay has been an advantage that many look forward to as a part of state employment, maintaining as many stable, healthy Alaskan families as possible must take priority.

The state’s spending needs to best reflect the reality of our fiscal situation, and while the price of oil hovers at $40 per barrel, we simply cannot afford to dole out automatic raises. Under House Bill 379, merit increases would be frozen until such as time as oil prices increase. As prices rise, employees would share in the increase, and the state would reintegrate the increases.

No employee should lose their job in order to pay a colleague’s raise, nor should Alaskans be asked to pay a share of their personal or business income, in the form of a tax to increase the pay of a state worker. This bill proposes no salary cuts or position eliminations. It simply represents an accurate reflection of the state’s finances, and places priority on keeping Alaskans employed.


Go Cougars!

The winning streak continues! Both the boys and girls soccer teams notched victories over the Eagle River teams Monday and yesterday the Ladies defeated South High. Next up are the Dimond Lynx teams on Monday the 25th at Dimond. The girls take to the field at 5:00 p.m., the boys at 7:00 p.m.

The Service Track and Field team competes next Saturday, April 30 in a quad meet against Dimond, South and Eagle River at Eagle River High at noon. All three Cougar teams can use your support so get out and cheer on the green and gold!

Also, we have for you the April edition of the Service High newsletter.

New School Websites

The Anchorage School District is actively redesigning webpage’s for all its schools and several in our area are up and running. The redesigns make it easier to navigate the sites plus more complete information on each school for students and parents is now available.

Here are the Abbott Loop schools with redesigned websites:

Kasuun Elementary: http://kasuun.asdk12.org/

Trailside Elementary: http://trailside.asdk12.org/

Hanshew Middle School: http://hanshew.asdk12.org/

Service High School:  http://service.asdk12.org/


Anchorage Assembly

The Anchorage Assembly meets this Tuesday, April 26, starting at 5:00 p.m. Here is a pair of highlights.

  • An ordinance creating a retail sales tax on marijuana and marijuana products. The new tax was overwhelmingly approved by voters earlier this month.
  • Another ordinance setting the rates of tax levy, approving the amount of municipal property tax, and levying taxes for all service areas of the Municipality of Anchorage General Government for 2016.

The meeting, like all assembly meetings, takes place at the Loussac Library.

We are working seven days a week for you. Stay in touch with our toll free number, 1-888-269-3879 or send an email to rep.charisse.millett@akleg.gov


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HB308 provides protections for installment and evaluation technicians


Sunday, April 17, 2016, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska Legislature passed a bill promoting child passenger safety by providing protections to certified technicians who install and evaluate safety seats.

HB 308 by Rep. Charisse Millett limits the civil liability of certified technicians. The Senate passed the bill today, a week after the House.

“All throughout Alaska we have Car Passenger Safety Technicians who are working to make Alaska safer for children. This bill protects those good Samaritans,” said Millett, R-Anchorage, and the House Majority Leader. “Our firefighters, police officers, medical professionals and others offer installation and inspection every year, typically at no cost. HB308 is meant to provide assurance that trained technicians can go about their civic service without the threat of a lawsuit down the line.”

HB308 will take effect 90 days from the Governor’s signing it into law.

 # # #


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Update for April 16th

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Rep. Millett with her good friend and colleague Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins wearing their kuspuks. Every Friday during session is Kuspuk Friday, A tradition in the legislature to honor native culture.

Rep. Millett with her good friend and colleague Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins wearing their kuspuks. Every Friday during session is “Kuspuk Friday”, a time honored tradition in the Alaska  Legislature to honor native culture.


Friends and neighbors,

One day remains in the regular session; work is proceeding on the budget; our personal legislation is moving forward, and other important issues have the final touches made this weekend. Today we have the latest from Juneau and much, much more.

Budget Work

The Conference Committee, a committee of both Representatives and Senators, has been evaluating the differences between the House’s and Senate’s drafts of the state operating budget. They have been taking input from the public received since the passage of both drafts of the budget into account, and evaluating the impacts of the different budget actions on our communities. This committee’s report should be in front of us in the coming days, and will be up for evaluation by all legislators. We will continue to keep you posted as this process continues!

Criminal Justice Reform

The House has been working diligently on the criminal justice reform package presented by the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission over the past few months. After the Senate passed the suite of reforms last week, changes have been made to the bill, , which takes into account the extensive public testimony that we’ve heard since the package was introduced. Protections for victims and law enforcement were among the most important changes made to the bill.

A new section to the bill, added in the House, SB 91 would allow for the surviving spouses and children of fallen public safety officers to maintain their health insurance. This policy is one that our office has been working on for years, and would provide a small level of comfort to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The State of Alaska asks their public safety employees to provide for the protection and safety of our communities. It is only right that when our employees give their lives in the service of the state that we continue to serve the family they have left behind.

Other Legislation

There are many pieces of legislation that legislators are considering as we move closer to adjourning the session. Here is a brief list of legislation for which our office is proudly advocating and working to get passed this year:

  • HB 125: Limits the sale of often-misused medicines to minors
  • HB 311: Provides the Legislature with a report on a sustainable amount of state spending
  • HB 27: Allows for additional protections and services for youth in foster care
  • HB 77: Instructs law enforcement in how to best help Alaskans with disabilities
  • HB 83: Repeals the collection of unnecessary, burdensome information on civil litigation
  • HB 188: The ABLE Act – allows Alaskans with disabilities to save for future care without losing critical services
  • HB 328: Allows all Alaskans to have smoke-free workplaces
  • SB 180: Provides parents in distress the option to give their children a safe home and temporary power of attorney


There are many other important pieces of legislation up for consideration in these next days, and our office will keep you posted as things move forward!

House Bill 76

We are so pleased that this legislation is now heading to the governor for his signature. HB 76 removes the term “gifted” from the enabling statutes for the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education.

This bill eliminates any confusion about who the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education serves, and has served so well since its inception in 1978. The Council’s critical mission of providing access to housing, employment, independent living, health, transportation and community inclusion for Alaskans with disabilities is preserved under this legislation, and its enabling statutes now reflect a clear path forward.

House Bill 308

Our legislation to limit the civil liability for Child Passenger Safety Technicians passed the House last weekend and is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Its goal to increase the recruitment of child safety seat technicians is enthusiastically supported by health and safety professionals, firefighters, paramedics and healthcare professionals.

Here are some organizations that inspect seats and teach parents how to install them properly.

Alaska Injury Prevention Center – 907-929-3939

Anchorage Fire Department – 907-267-5045

Safe Kids Alaska State Coalition – 907-212-3194

Service Soccer Logo

Go Cougars!

Four games into the 2016 season, the Service High boys, and girls soccer teams are both undefeated! Both teams have two games apiece next week, and they can use your support.

The boys take on Wasilla, Monday the 19th at 7:00 p.m. in Wasilla, and play the Eagle River team Tuesday the 19th at 7:00 p.m. at Eagle River High School, while the young ladies also kick off against Eagle River on the 19th at 5:00 p.m. and host their hillside rivals, the South High Wolverines on the 21st at 7:30 p.m.

The season is off to an amazing start – but there are some excellent teams out there waiting to challenge the Cougars for the Cook Inlet Conference title and eventually at the state tournament. So get out and cheer the teams on.

Social media can keep you in touch with both teams all season. The Lady Cougars have a Twitter page @SHS_WSOC while the young men have their own page on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Service High Track and Field Team competes in an indoor tournament against Dimond, West and South at The Dome, this Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Lots of information about the sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers is just a click away at: http://www.servicetrackandfield.com/

Anchorage Walks for Autism 2016

The Anchorage Walks for Autism is an annual event coordinated by the Alaska Autism Resource Center. The purpose of the Walk is to help establish a sense of community spirit among parents, educators, professionals, and people living with autism.

It is not a race! Walk one lap or run several miles, the distance is up to each participant, all ages and abilities are welcome.

The Walk takes place Saturday, April 23rd from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., at The Dome, 6501 Changepoint Drive. For more information, contact Phylicia Christian at 334-1300 or send an email to aarc@sesa.org

Before we go, let’s all give a warm congratulations to our constituents and friends Kikkan Randall and husband Jeff Ellis who welcomed their baby boy, Breck Stuart Randall Ellis into the world Thursday. Breck tipped the scales at 8 pounds and 11 ounces. We wish Kikkan and Jeff the best as new parents and welcome Breck to our community!

We will be working all weekend, but that never means we do not have time for our friends and neighbors. Reach out to us using our toll-free number at 1-888-269-3879.

Have a great weekend everyone,

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Update for April 8th

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Kenai Peninsula Rep. Kurt Olson and Rep. Millett during a floor session break.

Kenai Peninsula Rep. Kurt Olson and Rep. Millett during a floor session break.


Good afternoon everyone,

 Hanshew students Johnson and Miller

As we approach the end of session, there are still outstanding issues to be discussed in the Legislature, and much happening in South Anchorage as well!

Budget Discussions

This week the House and Senate formed a conference committee, comprised of Democrats and Republicans from both of the Finance committees. The conference committee will meet and discuss the items that the House and Senate disagreed on in the budget. This includes money in just about every agency, and policy calls that will affect how much our state needs to withdraw from its savings account.

The House’s goal in this discussion is to prioritize funding government at a sustainable level – that is, attempting to match our spending with our revenue. With the drop in oil prices and state income, there are simply some programs that the state can no longer afford. We will be looking to preserve funding for public safety, emergency and health, and community stability.

Criminal Justice Reform

A lot has been happening in the Legislature over the past few days in regards to criminal justice reform. The House Judiciary Committee has been hearing amendments over the past few days in response to public input regarding House Bill 205, the House’s draft of the package. Alaskans weighed in on sentencing concerns, offender supervision, and critical reinvestment in violence prevention and treatment – which have been incorporated in the amendments being adopted.

The Senate is going to be hearing their draft of the bill, Senate Bill 91, on the Senate floor this weekend, with the intent of voting on it and sending it to the House for further evaluation. Many edits have been made to the original recommendations provided by the Criminal Justice Commission, which will need to be vetted in the House by legislators and agency experts.

The goal of this suite of reforms is first and foremost ensuring public safety. We know that our current justice system is broken, and needs fixes to better serve victims and our communities. Please continue to reach out with your ideas and concerns – your input really does make a difference and we are so grateful for your engagement.

House Bill 76

We are proud to report that  HB 76 passed the Alaska Legislature on Wednesday. This bill eliminates any confusion about who the Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education serves, and has served so well since its inception in 1978. The Council’s critical mission of providing access to housing, employment, independent living, health, transportation and community inclusion for Alaskans with disabilities is preserved under this legislation, and its enabling statutes now reflect a clear path forward.

House Bill 76 now heads to the Governor for his signature.

Speaker Chenault and Rep. Millett manage the floor session ins the Alaska House.

Speaker Chenault and Rep. Millett manage the floor session ins the Alaska House.

House Bill 308

House Bill 308 moved through the House Judiciary Committee and should be up for a final vote on the house floor any day now. The bill will limit the civil liability of Child Passenger Safety Technicians who install, inspect and adjust child safety seats and educate parents about their proper use. The way the current law is written makes it much tougher to recruit and train technicians, so if HB 308 is passed, we will have more technicians ensuring safety seats are properly installed so our children are protected in the event of an automobile accident.

The legislation has broad support from Alaska’s law enforcement officers, health and safety professionals, firefighters, paramedics and healthcare professionals.

If you have young children in your life, you might want to get their car seat inspected. Visit www.carseatsak.org or call the numbers below to learn how to install correctly your child’s safety seat.

In Anchorage:

Alaska Injury Prevention Center – 907-929-3939

Anchorage Fire Department – 907-267-5045

Safe Kids Alaska State Coalition – 907-212-3194

For other locations around the state go to: http://www.carseatsak.org/Links/index.cfm?fuseaction=CheckUpLocations


Hanshew PTA Needs You!

The Hanshew Middle School PTA is actively recruiting executive committee members for the 2016-2017 school year. The board needs Hanshew parents, or anyone just interested in education, to step up and serve in the secretary, vice-president and treasurer positions.  If you are interested and available, please contact PTA President Bright Nygard at HanshewPTA@gmail.com

 We also have the April newsletters from Trailside and Kasuun elementary schools for you to read.

 Service T&F Logo

Go Cougars!

Spring is here, the snow is gone, and the Service High spring sports programs are well underway. The Cougar Track and Field teams have been competing since late March and have an indoor meet today (3:00 p.m.) and tomorrow (11:00 a.m.) at The Dome, 6501 Changepoint Drive. Track meets will take place outdoors starting April 20th.   

The team has its own webpage so Cougar fans can follow the action all season long. Go to:


 Be Firewise

 The risk of wildfires is so high in the Anchorage bowl right now the Anchorage Fire Department has banned the use of burn barrels and is not issuing any burn permits until conditions improve. Abbott Loop has many large wooded areas that can erupt into a devastating wildfire if someone becomes careless, so please heed the ban and take all brush and tree material to the nearest wood lot.

Information on how to protect your property and family from a wildfire and where wood lots are located are just a mouse click away at http://www.muni.org/Departments/Fire/Wildfire/Pages/default.aspx

The legislative process may be in high gear but we always have time to respond to your questions, concerns or comments. Call our toll free number at 1-888-269-3879, or send an email to Rep.Charisse.Millett@akleg.gov

Be sure to follow us on social media – Twitter @RepMillett or Facebook at facebook.com/representativemillett

 The forecast shows lots of sun this weekend so be sure to get out and enjoy it!



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Update for April 2nd

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Emily Tyrrell visited Rep. Millett last week.

Emily Tyrrell visited Rep. Millett last week.

Hello everyone,
Today is day 73 of the 90 day session and our plan is to complete the people’s business within the 90 day session. We are working hard to represent your interests here in Juneau on the issues that are important to you and your family. Thank you for making our weekly legislative update part of your busy schedule.
House Bill 205
Criminal Justice Reform
This week, both the House and the Senate have continued their vetting of the justice reform package brought to us by the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission. Understanding that our current system is broken and re-victimizing those who are already victims, our priority has been making sure that any measure passed keeps our families and communities safe.
While both of the bills, House Bill 205 and Senate Bill 91, are being discussed in the Legislature, they truly were the product of work done by the experts in the criminal justice system, law enforcement, victims’ advocates, and violence prevention professionals who made up the Justice Commission. These Commissioners, and other Alaskans, have been speaking out regarding the need for their recommended reforms. Here are a few of their voices, as published in media around the state:
“Working smarter to prevent, address crime in Alaska”
“Justice Reinvestment needed for both victims and offenders”
Video: “Forum@360: Criminal Justice Reform”
“Senate Bill 91 relies on reinvestment to reduce crime”
We know that these bills are not ready for primetime – changes still need to be made to ensure public safety and positive outcomes. We have been listening to Alaskans’ voices, and want their input and ideas to be reflected in any bill moving forward. Both the House and Senate will be taking up amendments to the packages this coming week, and we will keep you updated along the way.
House Bill 308
This one moved out of the House Labor & Commerce Committee this week and is now up for consideration in the House Judiciary Committee on April 6th at 1:00 p.m. House Bill 308 limits the civil liability of Child Passenger Safety Technicians who install, inspect and adjust and educate parents about the proper use of child safety seats. Recruiting new technicians is difficult due to a lack of liability protections in current state statutes.
The legislation has broad support from Alaska’s law enforcement officers, health and safety professionals, firefighters, paramedics and healthcare professionals.
Legislators and staff gathered for a group photo in front of the Capitol Building this week.

Legislators and staff gathered for a group photo in front of the Capitol Building this week.

Capital Projects Improvement List
The Municipality of Anchorage is asking community councils to choose a road project and a park project for funding in a future municipal bond package. Our Abbott Loop Community Council began the process last night but held off making its selections until the next meeting April 28th.
The available choices are listed on the current Capital Improvement List.  The city also $75,000 available for traffic calming projects in our area, the council will review the neighborhood streets eligible for the funding next month. Of course, we will have more details about the meeting in the weeks ahead.
Bundles of Joy
Today at the Sears Mall, you can participate in a charity event to help mothers with infants who can use a little assistance with baby basics like diapers, bottles and strollers. The Soroptimist International of Anchorage on Cook Inlet is holding the “Bundles of Joy” Community Baby Shower from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Any items that a new mother can use are needed and will be gratefully accepted. Donations will be distributed to other non-profit organizations like Clare House and AWAIC.
Service Soccer Logo
Go Cougars!
The Service Cougar Soccer program kicked into high gear this week with back to back victories at The Dome Tuesday night. The Lady Cougars topped Chugiak 4 to 1, while the young men shutout Chugiak.
The action continues next week when both teams hit the field against West High. On Friday, April 8 at 8:20 p.m., the ladies team take the field against the Eagles, the young men face off against West on Saturday, April 9 at 5:00 p.m. Both games take place at The Dome, 6501 Changepoint Drive.
Anchorage Votes
Before we go, please remember to vote in Tuesday’s citywide election. Several bonds, propositions, an assembly and two school board seats are on the ballot. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Not sure where you go to cast your vote? The city has a website for locating polling locations at http://gis.opendata.muni.org/anchoragepolling/  and if you have any questions about the election, give the Municipal Clerk’s office a ring at 343-4311.
We are here to serve you, your family, neighborhood and schools. If there is anything we can do for you, call us toll free in Juneau at 1-888-269-3879. We love hearing from our friends and neighbors.
Have a relaxing weekend,

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